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1080 Avalanche
Platform: Gamecube

Unlock new characters and costumes.

Unlock Bonus - How to Unlock

Alternate Costumes - Complete Expert with any character
Alternate Designs for All Boards - Get 18 Time Trial coins
Alternate Skins for All Regular Boards - Get all Time Trial coins, including the ones in extreme championship

Character BONES - Beat extreme mode whit ROB
Character CRYSTAL - Beat extreme mode whit AKARI
Character FROSTY - Beat extreme mode whit RICKY
Character MIMI - Beat extreme mode whit TARA
Character TITANIUM - Beat extreme mode whit KEMEN

Penguin Board - Get 1 Time Trail coins
Every Character's 2nd Board - Get 2 Time Trail coins
Old School Board - Get 4 Time Trail coins
Every Character's 3rd Board - Get 5 Time Trail coins
Paintbrush Board - Get 7 Time Trail coins
Every Characters 4th Board - Get 9 Time Trail coins
Every Characters Different Logos on All Boards (except special boards) - Get All Time Trail coins

Mr. Beakes Board (Penguin) - Earn 2 Trophies
Old School Board (NES Control Pad) - Earn 6 Trophies
Power Painter (Pencil) - Earn 9 Trophies
NST 1080 Avalanche (Jet Rocket) - Earn 15 Trophies

Unlock Extreme championship - Complete Expert Championship
Unlock Courses - Beat the High Score on a course to earn the trophy for that course. Once you have earned enough trophies you will unlock that course.

Submitted by VGLN Staff

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