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AIAS-SF opens game research lab
by Jolex Del Pilar

Friday, November 21 2003

Undergrads in the Visual and Game Programming curriculum get access to first ever game research lab.

This isn't as much of a feature as it is an interesting note in academic history. As you might know, I'm a currently registered student at the The Art Institute of California San Francisco pursuing a degree in Visual and Game Programming. Recently, the department opened up a Game Research Lab for undergrads majoring in Game Art & Design and Visual & Game Programming. It was created to help students in those programs see the latest changes in styles and design in the industry. What's interesting is that it's the first lab of its kind in the United States which is pretty freaking cool.

The lab itself has a few PlayStation 2, Xbox and GameCube consoles alongside three new computer labs outfitted with PCs for gaming and animation classes. The game library was also expanded greatly.

Marc Sherrod, Academic Director for Game Art & Design, had this to say, "The Lab isn't just for fun. We are serious about using the Lab to help students lean the methodology of making games. It complements our educational program and helps us teach students to push the envelope to come up with fascinating ideas and concepts for the world of gaming."

Another score for budding game developers.

--- Jolex Del Pilar
Jolex is patiently awaiting the beginning of the Thanksgiving vacation. Help him pass the time by sending him a quick e-mail for a touch of friendly correspondence.
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