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World Championship Pool 2004 10/15 Gamecube >> Features >> article

E3 2004: Nintendo Media Event
by Ryan Kang

Tuesday, May 18 2004

Iwata, and the DS, as well as Miyamoto and the new Zelda.

While this year’s Nintendo Pre-Show displayed a limited degree of promise, the supposedly groundbreaking handheld system DS was seemingly dwarfed by the awe inspiring and far reaching capabilities of Sony’s truly revolutionary PSP. And despite taking this writer’s advice and removing Iwata from most of the presentation, perhaps by force (hopefully), there was just not enough substance to appease the critics.

Once again the Big N employed its feed brains to the zombies tactics by displaying only first party titles such as the much anticipated (sarcasm) Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat which will probably only work in small doses at best, especially if you have to beat a pair of bongos to play. Then just to show they can take a risk on something new Nintendo threw in Resident Evil 4. The thing that made the whole debacle almost unbearable was the constant cheering and clapping of the foaming at the mouth fanboys in the background. I am forced to wonder if the intelligence of the typical Nintendo lackey is equal to that of the Big N’s target demographic (10 and under).

Iwata spoke about the DS and Nintendo's future. The duel-screen display raised more questions than were answered such as, "What does it do besides maps?"

Overall, there were only three redeeming qualities to the whole event: Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, Legend of Zelda which finally depicts Link in his post pubescent form... finally. And last but not least the very cool Nintendo press package which includes $120 laptop bag. Maybe if the Big N showed as much appreciation to its consumers the company wouldn’t be in the position it is now.

--- Ryan Kang
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